Monday, October 01, 2007

A warning from Russian History

Vladimir Putin suggests that he will stay in power as Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Perhaps it is true. Indeed he has escaped the legacy of the Soviets and is looking back further to another era of Russian History.

However, I am reminded that one description of the Czarist system was:

"Autocracy, mitigated by Assassination".

An interesting form of Russian roulette from the out-going President.


mel said...

Maybe they'll move for the monarchy to come back...a constitutional monarchy will give Putin more power than ever, without binding him...

Anonymous said...


What are your views on Georgia. The man arrested may sound like a loon but arresting him instead of suing him doesn't strike one as the actions of a Democrat


Anonymous said...

Cicero, did you see this Kaletsky drivel?