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Tyrant lectures Democrats

As the bloated entourage of the Saudi King decamps to London for a full State visit it is hard to suppress the gag reflex.

The Saudi regime corrupts all who engage with it. The disgraceful way that the UK has attempted to brush under the carpet the allegations of bribery against British Aerospace can not disguise the fact that the perfumed princelings of the House of Saud will always demand their cut.

Meanwhile the austere version of Islam- Wa'habi - that the House of Saud proclaims has created the murderous perversion of Osama Bin laden and his deranged acolytes. The oppression of women, and the barbaric punishments that a twisted and corrupt system of justice inflicts upon Arabian citizens are merely the most egregious examples of a backward and tyrannical state.

This vile regime, greeted with open palms by the British state already manages to lecture the British about terrorism. Of course the British know about terrorism because we have been victims of it. The House of Saud knows about it, because the system they have created has spawned it- of the 19 criminals of 9/11 we should note that 15 were citizens of the desert kingdom as is Bin Laden himself- and Saudi money funds Al Qaida and its imitators.

Taking a lecture from the gouty Saudi monarch really does make one reach for the sick bag.

Frankly I am astonished that only Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats refuse to get on the Saudi merry-go-round. The boycott of this disgusting farrago is something that far more people should have become involved with.

The fact that BAe and others have engaged with this unstable and vicious state is a disgrace and something that they will surely regret- in the fullness of time, when the corrupt princelings are overthrown.

Yet again, as with Nicolae Ceaucescu, we have exposed the Queen to future ignominy.


andyk said…
Ell'em more fighter jets, guvna!
Anonymous said…
Didn't the Foreign Secretary also boycott one of the major events after those 7/7 comments that "gouty" monarch made?

BTW completely agree. Wahhabiism and its corruption, combined with Saudi oil revenues, has created a monster over the past half century. All the madrassas built with Saudi oil money spreads this virulent corruption of Islam. Sickening.
Anonymous said…
Deplorable though the Saudi regime is and all that your write about Wahhabism valid, there should be more reflection on the possibility that the gouty monarch's remarks about 7/7 could be true. If so, is there not something within them which deserves deeper consideration and reflection?

McIntosh said…
Interesting to know where you loyalties do lie. Its clearly easy to pick targets in the region but harder to discuss solutions. Yes sure Wahhabiism is utterly deplorable as a movement but do you see positive alternatives, are there other regimes in the region that you would rather work with? Would you withdraw totally, or do you accept the need for some level of pragmatism?
Anonymous said…
True, I do think perhaps the "gouty" one had some valid points about 7/7, but same for 9/11 and 3/11 and so forth. There's always info, but it's how our services sort and prioritise them (or de-prioritise).

Nevertheless, I think the house of Saud is one of the worst regimes in the region; it is far worse in oppression than Ahmadinejad Iran or Hussein Iraq. The repression is overwhelming, both on a religious and a police state form. If it wasn't for oil and petro-dollars they would never have survived.

I think every other regime is easier to work. Members of the house of Saud are just unreliable and work for their selfish interests. They are now in a position to dictate so much (not limited to oil, but also to their investment holdings). And we all created this mess.

The "first" anonymous.
Anonymous said…

There is a chance your Party may exercise some power after the next Election. I do hope you enter the real world if so. I invite you to recall the words of that temporary Liberal Winston Churchill when asked how as a lifelong anti communist he could have said anything good to say about Stalin. The security of this country is not a philosophy class, and if your Party gains any power it may have to learn that sometimes you have to shake hands with people you might not always admire and I'm not just referring to Parliament! Right now the only alternative power in the Arabian peninsular to the House of Saud are the sort of people who carried out 7/7 and 9/11. Vince Cable may preen himself from the luxury of powerlessness. I venture his attitude would be somewhat less cavalier were he esconced in the foreign office. Your Party needs a little less grandstanding

Cicero said…
Bulls**t Lepidus!!

Getting close to this unstable and tyrannical regime diminishes the long term interests of the UK and undermines the moral force that being a free country should give to us.

We are not gandstanding, we are standing up for our principles and the long term interests of this country instead of promoting the interests of British arms manufacturers who have already dmaged our reputation in the yes of the US and most other democratic states.
andyk said…
How can the UK can damage its reputation, when the US is SA's biggest arms dealer, and everyone else is clamouring to sell to them (especially knowing their corrupt and spendthrift acquisition process)?
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure Consul how that undermines my point. The only alternative to the House of Saud is you know who. You know full well it is not a Burma type situation with a heroic pro western opposition trying to move a tyranny out. I think Churchill was right about Stalin then, and we are right about Saudi Arabia now. TINA Cicero TINA

Cicero said…
Lepidus I tend to think that Al qQaida has its roots within the Saudi system. While I recognise the dangers of instability in Arabia, the reality is that the current system creates conditions that spawn more terrorists than almost any conceivable alternative. The Alternative to the House of Saud is not the Taliban. There are significant forces lead reform- and the strongest is women demanding more rights- not natural allies to the psycotic Bin Laden.

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