Friday, February 22, 2008

Enough from Fayed already

As another day passes in the seemingly interminable inquest into the death of Diana, I am sure that I am not alone in losing patience with Mohamed Fayed.

Fayed (the Al- prefix is an honorific like the German Von- which he is not entitled to use) has over the years been repeatedly condemned as a dishonest and rather brutal individual who tends to use threats and bluster as part of his normal business. His illegal dismissals of staff at Harrods for example have, on more than one occasion, seen him condemned by the British legal system over several years. Therefore the tragic loss of his son has not been the cause of his erratic and generally poor behaviour, though of course it may have accentuated it.

Having had his day in court over the death of Diana and his playboy son Dodi, Fayed has made a number of very serious allegations about a very large number of people.

If the Inquest finds that Diana and Dodi were not in fact murdered, then I for one sincerely hope that all of those whose name Fayed has attempt to blacken, sue him. In particular the allegations that Fayed made against the bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones and Kelly Fisher, Dodi's former girlfriend, were outrageous and disgusting- all the more so since these seemingly blameless people seem to have been more the victims of Fayed and less able to defend themselves.

Indeed in my opinion I think that should the verdict of the inquest prove to be accidental death, then criminal charges should be brought against this odious man. If due process establishes that Fayed is a liar, then personally I would not want to have this vile, pathetic excuse for a human being in our country. The insults he has made against our Royal house, were they not so completely laughable, should not only render him ineligible for citizenship- he should be thrown out.


Newmania said...

I `m sure her Majesty is not unduly upset by a man to be pitied as much as censored.Can`t say I saw you as a a loyal subject exactly CS.I thought you wanted us to be 'citizens' of some apalling superstate and beholden to President Blair.

Cicero said...

Well, I would prefer to be an active citizen, in the sense of an individual who may exercise civil rights, rather than a subject who is simply a person who is under the rule of another!

As you know, I do not believe in any kind of super state and still less one under the aegis of Blair...