Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Since the 1988 US Presidential elections only a Bush or a Clinton has sat in the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton wishes to extend this run for at least another four years or even eight.

28 years of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton!

Yet these are Presidents who have not actually been very successful. The policy mistakes of Bush one, the integrity mistakes of Clinton one, the policy catastrophy of Bush two, and then what would Hillary Clinton bring?

What a council of dispair, that American politics is reduced to the dynastic machinations of two families.

So, as the Republicans, for the time being, look outside the Bush family- indeed John McCain looks in many ways to be an opponent of the Bushes- should not the Democrats seek to break the circle too?

I certainly hope so. I respect John McCain, and believe that he would be a President who could help to reconstruct the international image of his country- so badly mauled by George W Bush.

I do not believe that the cynical and divisive Clintons could make the bridges that they need to build.

As for Barack Obama- well, he may be an unknown quantity now, but he too brings a sense of hope.

Tonight's vote could be critical for the whole future of the US- and the World.

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