Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The ghost of Jefffrey Archer

"Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad" Euripides

The ecstatic reaction of the Tory bloggers to the possible selection of Boris Johnson as their candidate for Mayor of London is bizarre.

I do recall the last time the Conservatives went for a well known but slightly "eccentric" candidate. Of course that was Jeffrey Archer.

Boris has a whole cemetery of skeletons in his cupboard, and may yet end up being found in bed with a camel or something equally inappropriate. His persona of dotty bafflement hides an ambitious but rather undisciplined character.

So the choice is set to be the corrupt and thoroughly nasty Ken Livingstone or the demented Boris Johnson.

If the Liberal Democrats can find anyone who is not a gargoyle we might just end up being in with a chance!


Peter Mc said...

Boris' last appearance on Question Time was remarkable - blithering, rude, sneering, frivolous. How Shirley Williams didn't threaten to slap his legs I don't know. There lah been a lot of London media darlings onanising over one of their own in this. Maybe he will emerge from his oafish chrysalis as a profound, serious politician but I suspect what we see it what we get. It'll be great to see his shtick being seen through.

Jock Coats said...

It's worse of course. He hasn't been selected. All that's happened so far is that the deadline for nominations to be the Tory candidate passed on Monday and he had said he would run for said nomination.

It would be *so* funny if after the hysteria he was beaten by someone to the nomination!

Peter Mc said...

There has been...

Cat used keyboard as sharpening post.

Anonymous said...
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