Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boris and Camels

My comment about the lack of discipline of Boris Johnson seems to have annoyed a regular Conservative reader- the anonymous Lepidus- who is going to need a much broader sense of humour if the Conservatives actually adopt this ambitious but essentially rather clownish and oafish man as their candidate for Mayor of London.

Since his comment was rather offensive, I have felt free to delete it and to switch on moderation for a few days. Apart from My blog=my rules, the fact that Lepidus seems to believe that Boris might be found in bed with a camel would certainly make me question Boris's credentials as a candidate, even if "private lives should be private"- or was that humour just a bit too subtle for our soi-disant triumvir?


Anonymous said...


Offensive how? I said nothing that was not in the Public domain already. My objection was solely on your wink wink nudge nudge attack on Boris's private life. Personally my Libertarian view is that who a person chooses to consort with is their business and their business alone. As a "Liberal" I thought you might choose to sympathise with that. There is more than enough about Boris for you to ridicule without turning your torchlight on that. My writing was all about pointing out once you go down that path even in jest you get blowback. Your deletion shows a serious lack of humour and Libertarianism on your part too n'est pas.

Lastly ask yourself this. Isn't this why we get a professional class of politicians as they're the only ones with skins like Rhinoceroces to take the media barrage. Once your fog of anger lifts perhaps you'll see that


Cicero said...

I am not angry- I just don't think you got the point or the joke. A litany of the failings of the Lib Dems can be more than matched: Archer, Aitken, Ashcroft- at least with Black we have begun to move on a letter, so I guess that this is progress.

However at the end of the day, crime aside, I too am libertarian about what people do in their private lives, Boris though is so demented and shameless that he could literally do anything- and that was really my point, not the facts of his well publicised "marital strain".

Peter Mc said...

A camel? Some people will go to any lengths to get a hump.