Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Grumpy Old Party

No, this is ridiculous- the latest entirely unhelpful salvo from Lord Kalms against David Cameron seems to me, even as an impartial observer, pretty unfair.

I agree that Cameron is coming across as increasingly hapless. I agree too that he is failing to create a sufficiently mature policy platform. However he has set out how he might get there.

Kalms and Norman Tebbit are just some of the voices in the Conservative Party that are muttering and mumbling against their leader. Unfortunately for David Cameron, if he turns on them he will just look petulent, and begin to look increasingly like William Hague-an overpromoted lightweight.

Perhaps Michael Portillo is right- the Tories are no longer capable of being led. If so, then the rants of these grumpy old men will look increasingly like the senility of the oldest party.

In his first few months David Cameron was lucky- now his luck has deserted him: the Rwanda trip was honourable in intent and yet politically disastrous. Whereas I would have said that the Conservatives simply had to support Cameron, come what may, those in the party itself seem to believe, increasingly, that their support is optional. I do not know how Cameron can restore his position: he has alienated a large number of people, equally I do not see that the Conservatives have any other option.

The Grumpy Old Party seems to be falling out of love with the easy charm of its leader...

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Anonymous said...


So Lords Tebbit and Kalms are grumbling. Tell me Cicero how much attention did you pay to the grumblings of Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn or even say Lord Razall now. About as relevant. Please don't turn your entertaining blog into another mouthpiece of Cowley Street as has happened sadly to Lib Dem Voice I think