Monday, July 09, 2007

Alex Salmond- nice bribe

OK so "Wee Eck" said that he would only take one salary - either MP or MSP but not both, but oh dear, apparently- tsk- he has to take both or resign from one (well, in what way would that be a bad idea- he clearly can not serve both Banff & Buchan at Westminster, Gordon at Holyrood and be the First Minister- can he?)

Well, weirdly it is his MSP's salary he is demitting- but only, you understand to a "trust" to spread a little happiness across the benighted folks of the North East.

Personally I suspect that the good folk of the North East will recognise that Eck lied and is now trying to bribe them with their own money.

The first of many, many disappointments, I fear...

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