Monday, July 02, 2007

The Doctors Plot

As the scale of the latest terrorist attack, or rather attempt, emerges, I do not think that I am alone in feeling vastly relieved that the new crew do not stoop to Tony Blair's emotive histrionics.

Jack Staw's comments were almost along the lines of "well these things happen", and actually as a line to take, it is not a bad one. We know that there are out there a whole load of dangerous nutters out to kill as many innocent people as they can. However, as the attacks on London nearly two years ago showed, it takes more than a bunch of suicidal nutcases turning themselves into puree to make the people of Britain terrorised.

If they do manage to actually succeed in an attack, then we will be shocked, saddened and repelled by the violence. We will not, however, be changed one little bit.

The quite gravitas of Gordon Brown was the right response to a difficult start to his premiership, but frankly it comes as a relief to most of us not to have the "I feel your pain" stuff from Blair, followed by another load of illiberal and dangerous legislation. If Brown does not feel the need to pass yet another load of anti terrorist legislation then I for one will actually feel safer.

Dignity and determination versus hyper activity and emotion- an interesting contrast already.

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