Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cameron's (Vauxhall) Cavaliers

So what are we to make of Mr. Cameron's bright new team?

Oh dear!

Not exactly a "cabinet of all the talents" really- with Osbourne actually being promoted to election coordinator, it seems more like a cabinet of half the talents.

We can only assume that this is an interim move- but another example of how Gordon Brown is putting all of the opposition onto the back foot.


Anonymous said...


Are you not getting a shade hysterical on Putin now. Read Andrew Jack's great work. After that you tell me if you feel sorry for Khodorkovski, Berezovsky, Gusinky et al


Cicero said...

Well Lepidus, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance", and while I hold no brief for the oligarchs, the contrast between the political system of Ukraine and Russia suggests that Putin's centralisations is a far greater threat to individual freedom and the rule of law than any oligarch can ever be.

Anonymous said...

Really Cicero,

You read Jack's work. Why do you think Nemtsov and others kept quiet during the crucial first assault on Gusinsky, because he'd turned on them for trying to auction honestly at last a piece of State property. If the Kremlin stole Yukos it's difficult to deny that Khodorkovsky stole it in the first place. No honour among thieves!

In any case I think you misread Putin. He is no Western democrat but he is still better than what exists in Central Asia. I think he will go in 2008 but have a say in his sucessor of course. I think you are correct to be wary, but its hard to deny he has a case for feeling sore at his treatment 2001-2003. I think Russia is still on a rough and ready democratic course. Even Berezovsky can still phone up Moscow Radio Stations to moan. On another topic:

“Senior Liberal Democrats, including some of the party’s young high fliers, reacted with horror and fury to the news, which dominated two meetings of MPs yesterday..They protested that a clique of “elderly Scots” - including Sir Menzies and one of his closest aides, Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope - had got too close to Mr Brown and the Scottish Labour establishment."

These are not Tories saying this but Lib Dems. I know a few Tories in unwinnable seats who had been toying with the idea of at least electing anti ID cards MPs in Lab Lib seats if they could not have a Tory MP. But the mask has well and truly slipped, the cat is out of the bag etc So no fear of a Libertarian alliance now.

Before you protest it was turned down. It was AFTER it was exposed, and after Ming had gone away to hava think. By contrast he turned Cameron's low level LM approach down in a trice. Never has vote Lib Dem, get Labour rung more true.

But you seem sensible why not come and join the One nation wing of the Tory party, Alan Duncan,Francis Maude and even DC seem far more your kindred spirits than GB's mate

Lights Blue touch paper and retreats to safe distance...........