Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The British Response to the Crisis in Tallinn

HMS Illustrious will come alongside at the Port of Tallinn next week.

When will a permanent NATO presence be established in Estonia?

Will the Sea Harriers pay a small visit along the NATO- Russian border?

I do hope so, after all, breaking the windows in Pskov will just match the damage that the Nashi regime did to the Estonian consulate there.


Tom Papworth said...

Gunboat diplomacy, James?!

I think we've been lamentable in our support of Estonia, but I'm not sure that sabre rattling is (yet) required.

Anonymous said...

Russia needs to be made to understand that an attack on even a small member of the EU, however mediate or covert an attack, is an attack on the fabric of the Union. At the same time, the EU must make this position clear and act accordingly. It is only to be expected from a state like Russia that absent a resolute EU stance will try explore how far it will be allowed to go. Russia needs to be shown where to stop.

Anonymous said...

Estonia is a NATO member state, therefore there are already NATO troops in Estonia.

Cicero said...

Yes but those troops are solely Estonian, and Estonia for the moment does not have an Air Force. So My plea is for an international Nato force permanently available.

Cicero said...

Hi Tom, I overlooked you comment (oops)- No not really sabre rattling: that has been the Russians again- continually buzzing the naval manouvres in the North Sea for example.

urr said...

I've read somewhere that the visit of Illoustrious has been planned already three monthes ago. but of course we are very glad that the ship is coming.
yes, many people writing the commentaries asked when will the nato troops be in estonia permanently. the biggiest trouble is that nato airplanes are located in lithuania and it will take too long time to get here.