Thursday, May 24, 2007

Claim to fame

I have been a fan of the Chase me Ladies I'm in the Cavalry blog for some time:

Puerile - check
Childish- check
Filthy- check
Side Splittingly, Hog whimperingly, cry out loud funny- check check check.

I see in his latest post Harry has outed himself as a Lib Dem voter.

As he lives in High Wycombe, perhaps he voted for me last time, then!

Do you know- however insulting he may be about this- I'm really rather chuffed.


dynamite said...

I would be! Chase me Ladies is screamingly brilliant.

Tabman said...

Cicero - a friend of mine who shares your outlook.

Julian H said...

Good thing you didn't win, James - he'd be pressing you about the legal implications of moles crossing constituency borders.