Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I salute your indefatigability..

The news in Tallinn is that "British MPs" have supported the Russian Stance.

I checked- it was only George Galloway.

George Galloway- a reliable friend of tyrants and murderers.

Julie Burchill in drag, without the wit.

I am looking for sponsorship for my "punch-a-c*nt" campaign.

Any takers?


Tom Papworth said...

That would be uncharacteristically illiberal of you.

Let him speak. His every word is a weapon in his opponents armoury.

Can you direct me to a record of his support for the neo-fascists in Moscow (as opposed to his support for fascists in Baghdad, Damascus, Tehran...)?

Anonymous said...

Cicero your campaign in Wales was shambolic. You scored fully three per cent more in Constituencies than on the List, so while it was great for you building for the long slog in Seats like Swansea West a good shot at next General Election, it profited you little in the meantime. Where was Lord Rennard.......

Meantime your Party descends into outright Civil war as your AMs realise what their Leader does not, a pact with Labour Party at its lowest share since 1918 equals suicide at Conservative Hands. Oh my how the Tories are enjoying themselves.