Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tell a lie big enough

Russia has cast its dice- A total farrago of lies that suggests that it is the UK that is guilty of the murder of Andrei Litvinenko and not Russia.

Instead of this barrage of nonsense, let us consider the evidence:

The Polonium 210 came from a Russian reactor under the control of the Russian Security services just outside Moscow- we can tell which reactor produced the poison by specific isotopes that were in the mix. From the decay rate we can even tell on what day the Polonium was produced.

The trail of alpha radioactivity released by the Polonium that contaminated the murder site also left the murderer leaving a trail of poison all the places that he had visited. Thus two aeroplanes were contaminated as were a variety of other areas, although all those who came into contact with the Polonium were contaminated, the primary trails were those of Litvinenko himself and his murderer. The trail makes it quite clear that Lugovoi and his Russian security service leg man committed the crime- the evidence is so strong that the UK authorities believe that it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt that Andrei Lugovoi administered the poison.

Andrei Lugovoi is a serving officer of the Russian Security services who did not have routine access to radioactive poisons. The poison was given by a third party- a more senior official of Russian Security.

How high the order goes to commit this murder is a matter of conjecture, but unless Russia's security has been so penetrated as to make it totally useless, there is no question that the Polonium was released at Russian order. It may even be that Vladimir Putin himself sanctioned an act of war against the Queen's Peace in her own capital.

The pathetically unconvincing defence that Andrei Lugovoi has put forward is frankly insulting to the UK.

This murder, the test of a new missile in the past few days, the aggression towards Estonia, the trade dispute with Poland, the spy flights over Scotland, the "investigation" of BP-TNK. Russia is certainly putting its cards upon the table.

Russia is reverting to its old tricks: tell a lie big enough and hope it will be believed. As the Democratic Spark fades across the Russian Federation, the country is going down the same old failed path.

In the meantime- the West has little alternative but to put up its guard against the rogue state that Russia has become.


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