Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Truth about New Labour

The way the Labour Party tells it, they are simply preparing to return to office.

In the Labour Playbook, the Coalition is a minor aberration, and the compromises that it contains will eventually lead to the British electorate to abandon it and gratefully return to the embrace of New Labour.

Or Newest Labour.
Or Post-New Labour.

The self indulgent scribbles of Peter Mandelson that have been published (in great haste) over the past few days not only spike the guns of Tony Blair- whose own confessions of a justified sinner are due out in the next few weeks- they also reveal quite plainly the depths of the nightmare that we have just escaped.

Essentially the Labour Party mortgaged the future in order to fund its own clients. The first estimates of the true state of the balance sheet of the UK after the years of New Labour make for appalling reading. In addition to the near one thousand million Pound cost of the bank bail out, there is the one thousand two hundred million Pound cost of state pensions: mostly unfunded. Then there is the three hundred billion Pounds of unfunded PPP and PFI projects. Thus the total debt of the UK is not the widely quoted One thousand million Pound figure at all. It is in fact somewhere above three thousand eight hundred million Pounds. This is nearly four times the total GDP of the UK, which is roughly one thousand million Pounds.

Thank you Peter Mandelson and Good Riddance.

The self indulgent re-re announcements and political spin, together with light character assassination of which the "Dark Lord" was the foremost exponent was not a "third way" of politics, it was a get now-pay later politics of short term greed and selfishness which has left the UK in debt to its own great-great grandchildren.

Meanwhile the greenery-yallery of New Labour's incestuous bitchfest- sorry I mean the Labour Leadership campaign- reveals an intellectual bankruptcy that is almost total and almost totally unsurprising. After all the brace of Millibands, and the rest of these Labour hacks that we are invited to consider- God help us- as potential Prime Ministers look like clodhopping sock puppets compared to the overweening and posturing vanity of the precious Lord Mandelson. The contemptible repudiation of the need for constitutional reform by Andy Burnham simply underlines the opportunism and vacuity of all of these "heirs to Blair".

Now we can read the memoirs of Peter Mandelson and realise that all our worst fears for the shallowness and stupidity of the Labour Party were as nothing compared to the grim reality.

Never Again.

Never Again, should these pygmies be permitted to misrule our country.

Condemned out of their own mouths. Condemned by their own actions. Guilty before the bar of international law and of public opinion. One can only hope that as the British people truly understand the scale of the con-trick with which New Labour has stolen the inheritance of the next three generations, and as they also understand the facile lies and unprincipled greed with which the millionaire Mandelson lined his own nest as the result of his position as a nominal public servant: then the justified rage of the British people will fall upon the travesty which is the modern Labour Party.

Personally I think that charges could be brought against some of the ring leaders, and for the sake of real political reform I think it could even be necessary to do so, if only "pour encourager les autres".

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