Thursday, July 15, 2010

The delusions of Peter Mandelson

Listening again to the Today Programme, I am amazed at the almost delusional way that Peter Mandelson thinks about himself. Evan Harris can barely believe his ears as the "dark Lord" repeats his absurd mantra that the Labour government was not harmed by the obsessive rivalry between Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, and his own role within that episode of psychosis that we now remember as the Labour government was a positive one.

A friend who had a senior job in BBC News and Current Affairs through most of the past fifteen years once described Mandelson to me as "simply evil". Listening to the silky voice dribbling out its self serving lies, it is quite hard not to agree with him.

It is quite astonishing to think that Gordon Brown- who even his own side believed had a serious personality disorder- ever made it to become Prime Minister. It is even more staggering to think that Mandelson could not have had his chicanery and charlatanism exposed more completely while he was still in office. As Mr. Blair takes yet more money in order to make his retirement more comfortable, then surely public contempt for the trinity of New Labour must begin to rise.

Brown, Blair, Mandelson.

Names than should live in political infamy for the unprincipled shallowness of their ideology and the moral degradation that they brought into British Politics.

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