Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bob Crow- Red Menace

I see that my trip to London is set to be disrupted by "industrial action", namely a strike by the RMT Union on the London Underground.

Relevant Information: the General Secretary of the RMT Union, Bob Crow , is an unrepentant Communist.

The only difference between Soviet Socialism and National Socialism is the death toll: Stalin alone killed more people than Hitler, and that is before we even get to Pol Pot, Castro, Hoxha, Tito, Ceausescu and the rest. Mind you Mao is probably the genocidal maniac to end all genocidal maniacs: a reasonable educated guess would be 100,000,000 dead.

In case you were wondering, I truly loath, detest and despise Communists.

Bob Crow seized control of his Union in the approved Marxist manner, the difference is that the Kremlin no longer subsidises British Unions like they did in the 1970s. A pity that Bob Crow doesn't realise that the show is over and dinosaurs like him should get off the stage.

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