Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran: a drift into dispair

After the disputed election in Iran, where, despite a huge increase in turnout, the election is said to have brought no change, I can not help noticing one very important thing:

People who win elections by the margin suggested by officials in Iran do not usually need to arrest their opponents.

It therefore looks pretty clear that the populist Ahmadi-Nejad has stolen the election.

The reaction in the clerical state is already violent and could become explosive.

Not good in a state that is already quite close to gaining a nuclear bomb.

It underlines the nature of the regime that Ahmadi-Nejad wants that he shows such contempt for democracy. It will now be a test of the far more pluralist Iranian society as to whether this crime is allowed to go unpunished.


Newmania said...

Yes its a great disappointment and your point is a good one. Mind you wit would have been the first Middle East Country to vote out a sitting President except Israel.

Newmania said...

Dispair ? Is that as in, 'dis pair of knickers ?Or does it describe two denizens of Dis ?