Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eating (Bob) Crow

Bob Crow- as I mentioned last week- has indeed taken it upon himself to lead yet another strike on the London Underground. Sure enough, this morning Londoners are struggling to get to work.

The damage is estimated to cast the UK economy about £100 million.

It is a typical two fingers from the unrepentant Communist leader of the RMT Union.

His brazen attempt to blackmail more money for his bully boys is as outrageous as it is contemptible. He and his followers must be resisted. The greed and irresponsibility is typical of a man prepared to support a system that murdered millions.

Still it is good to see that his organisation -No2EU- came twelfth at the European elections, and I suspect that many of those who voted for him thought they were voting for UKIP.

Although it is causing me no little inconvenience during my stay in London, frankly London Transport (or whatever PR-led name that organisation now possesses) should tell Crow to stuff it and sit out whatever is the worst that this Scargillite rabble-rouser can do.

I expect his eventual fate would not be so different from his mentor: impotent irrelevance.

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Julian H said...

Hear hear!