Monday, June 22, 2009

The Real World

I am sure that large numbers of political anoraks are delighted by the unveiling of the new Conservative-led group in the European Parliament...

It is, of course, a total joke.

The Tory allies consist of the most marginal and irrelevant parties in the EU. They could not even get Bulgarians to join them.Their major allies are the PiS- Law and Justice party- in Poland: led by a man who proudly admits to not having a bank account, just before he says he would like to send gay men, like Alan Duncan and Iain Dale to jail, but only because he can't hang them. Even in Poland Jarek Kaczynski is a joke: in Britain he is, and should be, a ridiculous laughing stock.

As for the Czech ODS: their former leader has been photographed showing his shortcomings to some attractive female in Signor Berlusconi's villa. (noticeably even Berlusconi's party find joining up with the Tories too embarrassing). The Czechs too are headed for electoral oblivion, indeed that does seem to be the uniting thread amongst these marginal, excessively right wing, parties which the Tories prefer to the real right wing parties that actually run their countries and, indeed, the European Parliament itself.

The successful right wing parties of Estonia and Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, and France, amongst others, now recognise that British Conservatives have more in common with Jean-Marie Le Pen than with any mainstream Christian Democrat party.

Cameron needs help in Europe: but he will get nothing and deserves nothing.

In fact this contemptible joke would be hilarious, if it were not so serious.

The fact is that the European Union needs a great deal of commitment and hard work to enact the required reforms that most recognise are necessary. This farce makes the Conservatives in Europe more or less the equivalent of Lord Sutch- and about as relevant as a dead person can be.

The Tories are not a serious party- why should anyone else take them seriously?

Cameron, were he to be elected was already on course for a very short honeymoon. After this ludicrous strategic stupidity, his honeymoon may be so short that he never makes to number 10 Downing St. at all.


Newmania said...

Calm down dear ,....In the unlikely event that a Conservative MP defected to the Liberal Party much the same sort of foamy fulminating would ensue. Irrelevant marginal pointless and so on . I suppose its possible someone might do so were there an important principle at stake and the only candidate is surely Europe. Imagine a younger Ken Clarke feeling he could no longer omit to proselytize for the United States of Bureaucria scooching over to cuddle with fellow Patrician Cleggy( although Clegg is of course really posh not the Grammar boy done well so its not quite a fit...).

I have no doubt you would be applauding .It’s a tough one CS , have you thought of joining the Conservative Party and being less isolated ? Some people , whisper it , consider a Party which cares more about foxes than the economy , a little ‘touched ‘ , you know .

wildgoose said...

So you'd rather the Tories stayed with the EPP, which includes genuine fascists such as the Italian Fascist Party.


Duncan Stott said...

wildgoose, there is no Italian fascist party in the EPP.

wildgoose said...

Oh, sorry, the Alleanza Nazionale are neo-fascists which obviously makes all the difference.

*rolls eyes heavenwards*

Tory Outcast said...

I share some of your doubts but would like to see whether they (the doubts) still exist in 6 months.

I would not be at all surprised if the new group grew and grew. Nobody thought Cameron could do it and credit to him he has. It is my guess that a lot of parties did not want to burn their bridges with their current group without being sure they had a new one to go to. An interesting few months for euro-scepticism await...