Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Snow

This time, another trip to Estonia
Always a pleasure to come to a country where the safety Nazis do not have the last word
Also a place where Liberalism is a given- the answer is always "why not?"instead of "why bother?"
The whining Daily Mail subtext of fear and defeat seems to be a very long way from a country where the worst already happened.
When you meet Estonians the verbs are never "can not", only "possible, although difficult". What a relief from the fear and negativity of 98% of British politics.

Perhaps that explains why Estonians will be richer than the UK quite soon, even after the recesssion that strikes Estonia before Britain....


Mrs Smallprint said...

So does that mean we are going down to 38th place or they are going up to 11th place?

Newmania said...

. Ah yes since he stood on his hind legs man has asked the question "why" .Had he known it could simply resolved with the answer "Why not" think of all the trouble he woud have saved ?

Hope you packed your bucket and spade

Ares said...


I been reading your blog for a while, great writing!
I'd like to suggest to you as well a it seems you are rather into Estonia.
Im sure you will enjoy it.