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Its blog-tastic

I notice that Iain Dale, as part of the tease for his latest "collaboratively" written book, "Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging 2007" [that's enough plugs- Ed] has marked out this blog for particular praise:

"If I were to pick out one Lib Dem blogger who had the potential to make the big time it’s James Oates from Cicero’s Songs. He’s a consistently brilliant writer, who provides insight with every blogpost. If he posted more often and updated his blog design he would be in the top three next year.

As a Conservative I probably read more Lib Dem blogs than most others. I find them consistently more entertaining than Labour blogs, as their authors tend to inject their own personalities into their blogs in a way that Labour bloggers tend not to.

It’s clear that LibDem have harnessed the blogosphere well, and their influence is likely to grow over the next twelve months. I’m not sure what it says about their leader that his blog is rated 100 out of 100 by LibDem bloggers, but they say that the exception proves the rule. The LibDem blogosphere is undoubtedly in rude health."

Well, modesty aside *blush*, I do think that the Lib Dems are getting their act together in the way that we communicate in the wider world- while it is nice to gain a measure of recognition (though I notice that the selection criteria remains refreshingly opaque and hopefully elitist...), in fact the standards are improving across the board- with many people putting forward interesting and informed Liberal views: Jonathan Calder, James Graham, Tristan Mills amongst many others.

Since one good plug deserves another, I should also point out that Iain has invited me onto 18 Doughty St on Tuesday 25th at 9.00 PM to discuss the Liberal Democrat conference. [Er... that is 2 plugs- Ed]

So on to the top 100, with a note that someone is being a bit dark by placing our leader at 100/100 again!:

1 4 Liberal England
2 17 A Liberal Goes A Long Way
3 15 Quaequam
4 1 LibDem Voice
5 5 Peter Black
6 26 Liberal Burblings
7 77 Millennium Dome Elephant
8 19 Cicero's Songs
9 24 Andy Mayer
10 8 Love & Liberty
11 7 Lynne Featherstone
12 NEW Norfolk Blogger
13 12 No Geek Is An Island
14 30 Liberal Bureaucracy
15 74 Hug a Hoodie
16 2 Niles's Blog
17 10 A Posh Sounding Northumbrian
18 38 Hot, Ginger & Dynamite
19 8 Jock Coats
20 27 What You Can Get Away With
21 51 Jonathan Wallace
22 NEW Liberal Mafia
23 49 Liberal Alone
24 37 Whiskey Priest
25 6 LibDem Blogs
26 NEW Adrian Sanders MP
27 60 Sandals are Off
28 NEW Steve Webb MP
29 3 Liberal Review
30 91 On Liberty Online
31 62 Mary Reid
32 NEW Ed Maxfield
33 NEW Wouldn't it be Scarier…
34 NEW Diary of Chris K
35 40 Pink Dog
36 86 Republic of Hyde Park
37 44 Richard Allan
38 NEW Duncan Borrowman
39 54 Colin Ross
40 NEW Clowns to the Left of Me
41 NEW David Nikel
42 NEW Jonathan Fryer
43 42 Moonlight over Essex
44 NEW Mike Barker
45 21 Anders Hanson
46 36 Eaten by Missionaries
47 NEW Jeremy Hargreaves
48 NEW Matt Davies
49 18 John Hemming MP
50 20 Ballots, Balls & Bikes
51 NEW Greengauge
52 58 Rick's St Mary's Diary
53 NEW Home Office Watch
54 NEW Lindyloo's Muze
55 43 Arwen Folkes
56 61 Liberal Legend
57 NEW Process Guy
58 16 Suz Blog
59 Bernard Woolley
60 34 Sajjad Karim MEP
61 25 Charles Anglin
62 NEW Barcharters Anonymous
63 NEW Liberal Leslie
64 NEW Hooting Yard
65 28 Progressive Politics
66 NEW Disgruntled Radical
67 59 Simon Jeram
68 NEW Joe's Extra Bold Blog
69 NEW Mark Young
70 NEW Belsize Libdems
71 NEW Hunting for Witches
72 NEW All Along the Watchtower
73 50 Ryan Cullen
74 32 Agent Mancuso
75 23 Liberal Action
76 NEW The 3 P's
77 48 Chris & Glynis Abbott
78 52 Paula Keaveney
79 NEW Ann Garner
80 35 And Then He Said
81 NEW A Radical Writes
82 NEW JohnBM:Liberal
83 73 Neil Woolcott
84 NEW Liberal Polemic
85 NEW Freethink
86 NEW Voice of Young Liberal Democrats
87 14 Eric Avebury
88 79 Oliver's Battery & Badger Farm
89 NEW Long Despairing Young Something
90 NEW Anything Caron Can Do
91 29 Forceful & Moderate
92 69 Fraser MacPherson
93 NEW Ian Eiloart
94 75 Stodge
95 NEW 5tracks
96 92 David Walker
97 89 Flock Together
98 NEW de moribus liberalibus
99 98 MKNE Political Information
100 100 Ming Campbell


Anonymous said…
The link to the Lib Dem Voice is defect.

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