Monday, September 03, 2007

Electric Cars- getting much closer

Electric Cars have generally had two problems: poor range and long recharge times. Unless you can recharge in not much more time than it takes to fill a petrol tank, then the popularity of the electric technology is not likely to be more than a niche segment.

However, in today's Telegraph there comes news of two significant breakthroughs. If the reality of the technology is anything like this then there is the possibility, very soon, of fast, long range, rapid rechargeable, even sexy, new electric cars.

Given the price of the new Audi Supercar is about the same as this electric sports car, this could actually become a popular product.

Maybe the Lib Dems might be bang on when saying that petrol technology should be phased out by 2050. With the right technology and the right car, we might see the introduction of charging points at service stations within 5-10 years.

Or were those conspiracy theorists about big oil suppressing electric cars in the 1960s not in fact paranoid nutters after all?

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Giles said...

And have you heard of Elon Musk's super car?

Based on the insight that they need to be sexy first before their environmental friendliness becomes a selling point.