Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bonkers Boris waits to strike again

I was at a wedding a few years back when a very nice Conservative Lady came in (a little late) and sat down next to me and with an air of triumph declared that :

“I am late because we Conservatives have been selecting our candidate for Mayor of London. Its great news: its going to be Jeffrey Archer !!"

My jaw hit the floor. I really did not know whether to congratulate her, as she clearly expected , or to commiserate her on the inevitable doom to follow.

Boris Johnson may not be a crook (although of course his ex-mate Darius Guppy is)- but who needs another Archer-style “character”?

I am with those who think that the Tories will rue the day- whether it is that Boris gets found in bed with a giraffe or some other more outre offence against sense and decency, I suspect that he will come to grief somewhere.

As regular readers will know, Ken Livingstone has always struck me as a pretty sleazy kind of politician, with a far bigger ego than his "cheeky chappy" TV persona would let you believe- and indeed the questions over his dealings with the pretty nasty regime of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela have still not been satisfactorily explained.

But Boris?

Nope- if that is the answer then the question must have been:

"Who can the Conservatives chose as a candidate with a more questionable reputation for sexual shenanigans and insensitive gaffes than Ken"


Anonymous said...

My aren't we the moralist? Your own nominee presumptive Paddick is quite colourful as well you know. As for Boris he has not been photoed with IRA reps while they were bombing his own City, or with individuals who believe in inter alia amputation for adultery and death by stoning for homosexuals. I really think your moralism is bizarre. You are taking a very illiberal approach to the idea of privacy


Anonymous said...

I say Cicero, you running would make this a very interesting race...more fun than Scotland...

Cicero said...

Lepidus- I don't give aa stuff about Boris's morals- it is his judgement that I am attacking here. He has no judgement at all.