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Once again in Tallinn, finally completing the paperwork of a transaction that we executed a few weeks ago to fund a reverse takeover of a Polish company listed on the Warsaw stock exchange.

Coincidentally, a party of British Liberal Democrats is visiting Estonia, and since the party of Parliamentarians is being led by my Uncle, I am able to tag along to a couple of the meetings. Some of the members of the group visited Tallinn four years ago on a similar mission. They are, inevitably, astonished to notice the dramatic changes, not least in the Tallinn skyline, that have taken place since then.

As with the last trip, the delegation meets the All-Party British Group in the Estonian Parliament. Several heavyweights, including former Prime Minister Mart Laar, come to join the exchange of views. As before I am struck by the fact that the debates between the different factions are over issues that are encompassed with the UK Lib Dems. Both Mart Laar, a nominal Conservative, and Sven Mikser -a leading Social Democrat- express views that are identical to UK Liberal policy. Indeed Mart Laar clearly has little time for the virulent anti Europeanism of the British Conservatives, and his general disappointment with the Party of his hero, "Maggie Thatcher" is palpable.

As I talk with the British MPs and members of the House of Lords later, they finally help me make my mind up about committing to run for Parliament next time. I have been asked to stand for one of the most winnable seats for the Liberal Democrats in the country. Initially I was concerned that my commitments, especially my job, would not allow me to make the massive effort that actively fighting a seat requires. However after much thought I have now found a way that I can make that commitment. It will not be easy, and is certainly a significant loss of income. However the messages of support and encouragement from the constituency have made up my mind for me. Having such close family ties to the area has meant that many of the members of the party have known me most of my life, and all of them have been definite that I should fight this. So, this morning I have sent in my application and the supporting paperwork. The shortlisting meeting is this week, and I will know over the weekend if I have gone through to the next round. There is at least one other candidate, so we shall just have to see if my application is successful.

However, seeing the success of Liberal Estonia, I am determined that the same ideas can make a real difference to Aberdeen, to Scotland and to the UK.


I wish you good luck. I'm sure you'll make a great and insightful MP.
Anonymous said…
Aberdeen? Is your uncle by any chance Robert Smith or Malcolm Bruce?
Anonymous said…
Aberdeen? I thought Aberdeen South already had a candidate, and you've ruled out Aberdeen North in the Granite City. So will you let your readers in on the secret Consul? BTW if you arrive in the Commons I hope you practice toleration beforehand. The last person to be shot in the Commons was Spencer Perceval. I wonder if that record would hold if you to encounter say Bill Cash in the corridors....

Needless to say if you are taking on Labour, Good Luck!

Anonymous said…
Lepidus, Aberdeen South seemed to have a candidate in the candidates section of the site, but if you'll take a new look, you'll find out, that the profile is now removed. I think that it was a mistake, and the candidate was actually standing for the Aberdeen South in the Holyrood elections in May. It seems that Lib Dem candidate for Aberdeen South in Westminster elections has still to be selected.
Anonymous said…
Cicero's uncle is Malcolm Bruce. However bearing in mind that Alex Salmond won Gordon in the Holyrood election, now would be an unlikely (and unhelpful) time for Malcolm to stand down.
Cicero said…
Malcolm has already indicted tht he will be seeking to be re-elected in Gordon at the next elecion, whenever that is. Indeed I believe that the formal reselection will be within the month.
Anonymous said…
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