Monday, April 30, 2007

The delusions of Alex Salmond

I see that in the last few days of the campaign for Holyrood Alex Salmond has claimed that "Independence is not a One Way street". Apparently what he means is that having become independent, Scotland could then somehow become un-independent and rejoin some form of a reconstituted UK.

What a load of crap!

Independence is a one shot- and there really is no going back on separatism.

The fact that Salmond has to invent this spurious line shows how few people are truly convinced about Scottish separatism- only 32% of Scots currently support a wholly independent Scotland.

The fact that Scottish independence is currently supported by a higher number of English voters than Scots, should show "Wee Eck" Salmond that he is talking drivel.

There is still time to avoid having this shallow and dishonest politician as Scotland's First Minister, and I, for one, am far from convinced that the SNP will do as well as the current polls seem to suggest.

Such arrant nonsense should simply remind the Scottish nation why the SNP head is not fit to lead.


Bunc said...

I couldnt agree with you more Cicero. I had written in exactly the same sentiments on my blog. Alex Salmond is a lying toad and is trying to suggest to Scottish voters that they can have their cake and eat it. He knows this is crap. It is a foretaste of the manoevering that will precede a referndum on breaking up the UK. How can people fall for this?

Richard Thomson said...

Calm yourself down. He prefaced his remarks with the word 'potentially', and since the interview was on GMTV, it was more likely than not a courteous response to a stupid question. This is the new Alex Salmond we are talking about, after all...

I mean, just because 'potentially' the Lib Dems could win the next UK general election, it doesn't mean it's ever going to happen! In any case, even if Scotland were to become independent, I can't ever see anyone seriously advocating a reinstatement of the Union of the Crowns at any point thereafter.

vaba cymrulane said...

Cicero, I think it's time for Ming to go. This was not a good night for the LibDems anywhere. The inability of eaking votes from Labour, while losing to Tories, is a recipe for disaster.

Maybe I need to acquire a friend to be called vaba albalane now with your arch-enemy in the victory.

Sure, plurality of seats does not mean control, but for most SNP members, working with them (including AS) is a best-of-worst solution. The moment Scotland becomes independent, most SNP members will ditch the idiotic policies of AS and the SNP core. But the main issue is paramount, and as much as people don't like it, AS is the figurehead of the independence movement.

Elagu vaba Shotimaa! Cymru ootab!