Monday, April 23, 2007

Blatant BBC Bias!

I have listened with irritated boredom to the Conservatives endlessly banging on about bias against them in the BBC.


However this story on the BBC website about David Cameron makes me think they might be right.

One single paragraph heading summed up Cameron's performance on the Today Programme and on television.

Quite rude to point it out so clearly though.

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Anonymous said...

Cicero, who apart from the voices in your head have been predicting Lib Dems down to 20. All I hear people say is your absolut floor is 40 currently. Probably more towards fifty as most expect you to pick up at least a few seats from Labour even if the Conservatives enjoy a good night against you. I can't help but feel Ming is not as expertly riding the current anti Labour wave as effectively as Paddy rode the anti Tory wave in the 1990's. Time and again he has undercut Clegg and Laws attempts to woo Tory Libertarians in Labour held seats. There may yet be a price to pay.