Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sto Lat Solidarnosci !

I am looking forward to seeing Tommy Sheridan facing criminal charges for perjury.

Of course, I hold no brief for the News of the World rag either, but the hypocrisy of Sheridan is a nasty infection on the Scottish body politic.

The fact that he calls his diminishing band of followers "Solidarity" is yet another example of the vanity and delusion of the man.

Solidarity was the name of the Union in Poland that defied Socialist rule.

The fact that Sheridan still uses the language and proclaims the policies of Communism mark him out as either stupid or evil. The fact that he uses the name of Solidarity is an insult to those who were tortured, imprisoned or murdered by Communists.

Fortunately the evidence for Sheridan's perjury seems quite strong.

Good- this vanity party will not be around for long.

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