Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Down with Kaftans

Initially I thought that Jack Straw's thoughts on the veil were a personal view. I certainly hoped so. I do not believe that any government should have a position on what people should wear!

Where do you stop? "Sorry, wearing a kaftan marks you out as a dangerous, pot smoking radical, we will pass a law forbidding the wearing of kaftans". Er... Shouldn't you be fighting the dangerous behaviour, and not the supposed symbol of the behaviour? After all Mr. Straws crimes were only against fashion and not usually the law, apparently.

I have problems with veils- I wonder whether women are being somehow forced to wear them. If there is no force, and if indeed women are choosing to wear the veil, then they should have perfect freedom to do so.

Now Labour is scaring me- they seriously can not tell the difference between a woman in a veil and a murderer.

This is serious- it is hard not to come to the conclusion that Labour does not even care about promoting violence and oppression against Muslims who choose to wear distinctive clothes. What's next- "prayer hats make you different, don't wear them"? Don't wear the sari?

This absurdity proves that the newtorylabour consensus of professional politicians should be that last people being allowed any where near our ancient liberties.

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