Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I see in his usual attempt to out-Blair Blair, David Cameron has changed his slogan to three letters (as opposed to Blair's, three words: the irritatingly pointless "education, education, education").

The letters are N.H.S.- the National Health Service.

I am sure that all the Healthcare professionals in the country will be delighted that politicians are coming to second guess them and impose more outside controls.

I listened to Andrew Lansley, the Tory front bencher, on the Radio this morning.

Oh Dear! He was totally glib, shallow and pointless. "Yes, there must be more money". When pressed as to where and how much, no answer.- the very essence of an ignorant politician.

I have no more answers to the questions of the NHS than Andrew Lansley does.

I do, however have many questions.

The demand for Health care is growing and is particularly acute in the last months of life. We have the technology to prolong life a little- yet there are significant moral questions about whether this is desirable- don't we need to talk about death with dignity?

Labour significantly increased expenditure on the NHS, yet outcomes have not improved- why not?

Should the National system be rebalanced into smaller units?

It seems impossible to roll out a truly national IT system- can we not get different systems to talk to each other via the internet?

How can we balance the need for consistent experience amongst doctors with the need for local provision in different specialist fields?

Are large hospitals actually any better? Do the risks of cross infection negate any other benefits?
Why are British healthcare students not gaining jobs after qualification?

What do the medical professionals think? How much should we listen?

Should not in-patients at least pay for bed and board?

Should we now abandon "socialized medicine"?

If so, how?

The issues in Healthcare are complicated and will not be solved by political grandstanding.

My heart sinks at the idea that the Tories intend turning the NHS into a political football.


Dr Maybe said...

Well their policies so far appear to consist entirely of chucking money at the NHS. They'll probably also involve repeatedly interfering to show they're "doing something". We don't need to imagine what the effect will be, as that is the situation at the moment.

Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss

Cicero said...

Sadly true- but then what do you expect from a political calss that knows nothing of life outside the political bubble?

Blair: junior lawyer-MP-PM

Cameron: "advisor"-"lobbyist-MP-Leader of Opposition