Monday, August 14, 2006

The Boy who cried Wolf

As I am caught up in yet another "critical security alert", I can not help wondering about the way that this has been reported.

All these reporters are happy to quote unnamed "security sources".

Are these the same sources whose judgment on Iraq we have so recently learned to question?

If the majority of those who were arrested last week are released as they were after the Forest Gate Police raid, I for one will be extremely critical about the way that this is being handled.

John Reid has been quick to take the credit for the work of the security services. If they are wrong- will he be so quick to take the blame?

I have to fly again tomorrow- what joy!

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qaqwex said...

Although I hope not I fear this is going to be another 'cry wolf' like forest gate and the ricin plot.

One news agency is already saying the alleged terrorists didn't have tickets and some didn't even have passports.

Also one blogger, a chemist, has pointed out the problems of assembling a liquid explosive from ingredients on board a plane where it bounces around and you can't do the necessary chilling of the ingredients.

Can't trust what bloggers say? But with their track record can you trust the Met Police or any member of the Labor party (missing the 'u' out is deliberate).