Thursday, August 31, 2006

Birthday Blog

As it is my birthday, I am not feeling particularly energetic so I will answer the Inner West boys quiz instead:

Hitchens: Christopher or Peter?- Christopher for calling out Galloway
2. Blair: Anthony Lynton Charles or Eric Arthur?- Orwell every time
3. Bush, George: W. or H.W.? - Gooseberry
4. Clinton: Bill or Hillary? Bill- he isn't dangerous any more
5. Testament: Old or New? New- never been a fan of burning bushes
6. Rugby: League or Union? Union- Scotland sometimes win
7. Do you owe more to Athens or Jerusalem? Athens
8. Pete ‘n’ Dud or Derek and Clive? Pete n' Dud
Name your favourite...
9. Novel- Tess of the D'Urbervilles
10. Short-story/novella - Heart of Darkness
11. Poem - Adlestrop
12. Play - Copenhagen
13. Work of non-fiction- The Captive Mind, Czeslaw Milosz
14. Religious text (can include specific books) Psalm 121
15. Song - A Mas a Man for a' that
16. Piece of classical music (including Opera)- Beethoven 9th symphony
17. English language film- The Hours
18. Non-English language film- Cyrano de Bergerac
19. Museum- British Museum
20. Art Gallery- The Louvre
21. Painting, sculpture or installation -Sunflowers- Van Gogh
22. Piece of public art- Wallace Monument, Aberdeen
23. Building- Houses of Parliament, London
24. Religious building- The Pantheon, Rome
25. Bridge- Forth Rail
26. British city (excluding London)- Edinburgh
27. European city (excluding London)- Tallinn
28. World city (including London)- London/Tokyo
29. Train journey- Edinburgh-Aberdeen

Self Explorations
30. How would you describe yourself politically? Classical Liberal/ Dissident
31. Is there a maxim or moral code by which you measure your conduct? "Above all else to thine own self be true"
32. Should the state of Israel have been founded? Yes
If so, is it in the right place? Yes
33. Are you old fashioned, or modern? Modern
34. What publications do you read?
35. What author of fiction has influenced your beliefs?
36. Have you ever been in love? Yes
37. Where and when were you happiest? On the Camino de Santiago 2000
38. Do you have faith? And if so, in what? Yes- too long to explain in a pocket quiz
39. Would you take back something important that you've said or done? Maybe
40. If you had to lose your sense of taste or be deaf, which would you choose? taste
41. What languages do you speak? French, Polish, some Italian, German, Estonian,
42. Can you read music and/or play a musical instrument? No
43. If you had to destroy one of the World's great monuments, which would it be? Mount Rushmore always seemed pointless
44. If in some point in the future you were to undertake an undergraduate degree, what would you study? Maths

Complete the following statementNoam Chomsky is... mistaken

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