Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More from the toilet of the Dailies Mail and Telegraph

More news from the sick world of the British media: Apparently Clegg is a "Communist", and Cable is a "Socialist".

Ha ha ha!

Meanwhile, in other news: 

The Daily Mail is a formerly fascist supporting right wing rag which is obsessed with cancer, house prices and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. It is mostly committed to gossipy stories about Z list celebs. News Value= 0

 The Daily Telegraph editorial staff mostly consists of UKIP nutters, and various other sociophobes committed to an agenda far more right wing and out of date even than the modern Conservative party. It too is mostly committed to publishing stories it has stolen illegally and gossipy stories about C list celebs. News value =0

Being insulted by that lot should certainly reinforce Nick Clegg's and Vince Cable's self esteem, I would have thought. Only an real right wing extremist would think Liberals were Socialist, let alone Communist. 

Even Jack Straw, who was one, does not like to be called a Communist these days. 

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