Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Daily Cretin (Express) insults our intelligence once more

There is no doubt that we are all in the middle of a serious economic crisis. However, in Britain this crisis is overlaid with a stupidity crisis too. The Daily Express is not noted as the intellectual paper in the UK, but their latest European scare story is more or less total fiction. "Senior Eurocrats" are apparently "plotting to destroy Britain"- even though there is not a shred of evidence for the conspiracy the Express is determined to unmask.

It is total crap. It is a paranoid pack of lies either by fools who know no better or by crooks who are deliberately lying. Either way it is a total disgrace that this garbage can be published in any newspaper that professes to have any concern for the truth.

And that is the problem, the crisis in Britain is as much a crisis of the MEDIA as of the politicians that are taking the blame. When such utter tripe can be presented as a serious contribution to the national debate, and no one condemns the bastards who publish it, then the standard of political debate in the UK reaches a new low.  Even supposed "quality" newspapers as the Telegraph and the Times are subject to proprietorial influence - or corruption- and routinely publish errors of fact as well as of judgement. 

These are the so-called opinion-formers!

The kindest thing is to believe that it is the blind leading the blind. The reality is it is a scandalous disgrace.  The "journalists" who put their name to this crap deserve nothing but utter contempt.

The good news is that "the media" is losing its power to set the national agenda. 
The bad news is that it is not happening fast enough. 

PS, I see the American Newsweek has noted the story as an example of typical tabloid hysteria. When even the American media views the British media with contempt, it is not a good day.

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