Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I believe Rebekah Brooks presided over a conspiracy to corrupt British politicians and undermine our democracy. That is not what she is being charged with. She has been charged simply with attempting to pervert the course of justice. She has only been charged essentially with the destruction of evidence. In my view she is probably guilty, but these are the lesser charges in any event.

It seems to me that Brooks was a primary figure in Rupert Murdoch's blackmail and bribery of the British political class. She also, I believe, orchestrated the bribery and corruption of the Police and various other significant parts of the British establishment. She represented an organisation that is a malign and criminal influence.

The Tories - as the party in government- are getting more abuse than Labour. Yet it was- in my view- Labour that was even more corrupted by the Murdoch money and the Murdoch blackmail. The testimony of James Murdoch- attempting to destroy as many current ministers as he could, indicates that even the Murdoch family fear that the game is up for them. However, Tony Blair and Mandelson should also be criticised even more severely, in my view.

I certainly hope that blame is placed fairly and evenly.

Only the Liberal Democrats are untainted by the "seeming" criminal activity of the Murdoch organisation. It still seems that Jeremy Hunt- what a fool- walked into the trap, even after it was clear that Vince Cable was 100% in the right. The smear of the Lib Dems by the Murdoch media was accelerated after it was clear that Cable would not be bought: and the fingerprints of shafting Cable, were- of course- with the Telegraph and the BBC, not Murdoch.

The sinister criminality of News International that has been revealed in recent weeks must surely have consequences: I hope that the charges against "the flame haired temptress" will eventually embrace her bosses: both son and father. It is firmly in the interests- I believe- of British democracy that they should both face trial. 

If guilty, they should never be released.

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