Friday, January 22, 2010

A chill wind

Tonight in Tallinn is set to be one of the coldest nights so far: minus 24 Celsius.

In fact it has not been above -14 for a while now. Personally I prefer it like this than when it is around freezing point, because there is no damp in the air, so it feels drier. Not to mention the fact that every day has begun with a beautiful clear sunrise and with the sun on the frost, the days are bright and cheerful.

We have some snow forecast in the middle of next week, but I will be back for a few days in London and Paris, so hopefully will miss this and the -6 associated with snow.

It is certainly true that you adjust your frame of reference quite quickly: once upon a time I would have considered -6 to be quite cold!

However, despite the cold, there have been three separate reports today that confirm that Estonia is on track to enter the Eurozone on January 1st 2011. It looks like we have finally struggled through our economic winter. Christmas tourism is up sharply on this time last year. The economy is out of recession. Finally, the place is looking up.

Meanwhile I shall go cross country skiing tomorrow in the bright sunshine. The chill wind is blowing this country some good.

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Manfarang said...

Well its 33 Celsius in Bangkok and the tourism is up on this time last year.