Wednesday, October 07, 2009

10 Famous... Russians

Today is Vladimir Putin's Birthday, so I thought I would add another country to my series of 10 Famous... and go for 10 Famous Russians. This is of course to demonstrate that there is much more to Russia than the man who is taking his country down a dark road to failure.

It is actually an immensely difficult task to make the choice, not only because Russia is quite a multi national state, but also because the list of Russian talent is amazingly strong, nevertheless I have made as eclectic selection as I could:

1. Alexander Pushkin- the most beloved Russian poet
2. Yuri Gagarin, the first Human being to go into space
3. Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky- supreme romantic composer
4. Andrei Sakharov- brave dissident, had he lived Russia would not be facing today's moral crisis
5. Andrei Rublov- beautiful and inspiring icon painter
6. Anna Akhmatova- light of the silver age of Russian poetry
7. Ivan Pavlov- psychologist of the conditioned reflex
8. Sergei Rachmaninov- master of piano composition
9. Dimitri Mendeleev- creator of the periodic table of elements
10. Pyotr Stolypin- A Reformer who might have stopped the Revolution

Comments, as always, are most welcome


Manfarang said...

No.6 Leo Tolstoy.
You have already included a poet.

Julian H said...

Andrei Arshavin.

Dan said...

Victor Nekrasov - a favourite of my old man and a man in the not exactly over populated tradition of Russian Liberalism.