Friday, April 24, 2009

Wycombe Wonders!

For those that do not know that I stood for the UK Parliament in High Wycombe in 2005, please excuse my absolute delight at this local election result:

Totteridge Ward

Steve Guy (Liberal Democrat) 733
Tim Hewish (Conservative) 408
Ian Bates (Labour) 214
Spoilt Papers 3
Turnout 31%

Liberal Democrat gain from Labour.

Hearty congratulations to Ian Morton, Chairman Wendy, the team and Councillor Steve Guy!


My "Aunty Rosemary" took the Aboyne and Upper Deeside from the Conservatives on Aberdeenshire Council. In Inverness we gained just short of 60% of the vote and there were big wins in Redbridge and Waverley too.

It really was a very good night for the Liberal Democrats.

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Steve Guy said...

Cicero, your thoughts always encourage us. When you were our PPC you inspired us and we haven't forgotten the impact that you had.