Sunday, April 05, 2009

No Witter on Twitter

Over the past couple of weeks I have been invited several times to join up to Twitter. Politicians, bloggers and celebrities seem to be clamouring for me to take their Twitter feed.

Many millions have done so, in order to get messages in 140 characters or less -so-called "Tweets"- from Stephen Fry or anyone else who wants to tell you about their world in a simple Tweet.

Indeed these Tweets, which can be published to blogs as well as other formats such as mobile phones have become something of a craze. Certainly the messages, usually beginning with the @ sign have become popular with such large scale bloggers as Iain Dale amongst others. Iain, like Stephen Fry of course has a real personal enthusiasm for new technology- sometimes even when it doesn't work.

It is now rumoured that Google will buy Twitter, making yet another generation of California nerds into multi-millionaires.

Personally I just can't see the point of Twittering. Just because communication has become ever easier does not mean that there is now a necessity to do so. In fact one of the curses of the modern world is the vast amount of banality that clogs the airways, drowning out the critical information in an ocean of irrelevance. Indeed the very point of Google is that it shifts through the trillions or even quadrillions of data points in order to bring you the few million most rel event to your search.

Tweets are a reductio ad absurdum of blogging.

Just because there is a craze for Tweets at this point does not mean- I think- that it really adds anything. Nor do I think that tweeting will necessarily last. It may well be that Twitter is the symbol of the peak of the market in the web 2.0 bubble, as was a symbol of the excesses of the bubble of a decade or so ago.

The point of this blog is to explore issues that interest me in more detail than the DTP (dead tree press) finds able to do. I bring, I hope, my own unique insight and expertise to issues which are often complicated. While, inevitably I must simplify things to allow for the fact that such readers as come to this blog may not have the same background, I still assume that they have a reasonable level of knowledge about the world.

I try, with this blog, to explore ideas. Twittering is simply the equivalent of social chit-chat.

"@ I won't tweet- prefer to be blogger and focus on the harder stuff. I also think Twitter risks becoming symbolic of web 2.0 crash"


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