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Ryanair: The World's least favourite Airline

I am delayed at Stansted for six hours thanks to Ryanair's latest scam.

I have a ticket for today's 8.30 flight to Shannon. I checked in online yesterday.

When I got to the gate I was denied boarding- because, although my name was on the boarding pass, I had not entered my ID number into their system. So, even though Ryanair issued a boarding pass without information they consider to be vital, I have therefore had to spend £210 to buy another ticket so that I can fly at 14.40.

Given Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary's hard ball business policies, it seems to me quite clear that this is an obvious fraud.

Since the system allowed me to print a boarding pass without entering my ID Card or Passport details, it is quite clear that Ryanair have entered into a contract with me to fly me to Shannon. When I fly with other airlines I do not have to enter such details- I just give my booking reference- or show my credit card- and then show whatever ID I have.

It is a matter of company policy and not of law that Ryanair chose not to allow me to board the plane. This forced me to buy a second ticket at the definitely not low cost sum of £210. I had no alternative. It is frankly outrageous.

According to the Ryanair staff, this happens quite regularly. Given that the boarding pass is an acknowledgement of the contract I have with the airline, I will naturally be asking for a full refund. I will probably get it for the first ticket, but the purchase of the second ticket is solely because of Rynair's unilateral voiding of the first contract. I want my £210 back, not the low cost fare that Ryanair might be prepared to pay.

I would be interested to know from others how often this airline pulls this scam.

If it truly is a significant number, I suggest that that a class action law suit is put together in order to recover the money that Ryanair have- as a matter of their company policy- extorted from people when they are forced to buy second tickets, plus force them to pay damages and compensation that Michael O'Leary thinks should never be paid by his airline under any circumstances.

The Airline code for Ryanair is FR as in FRaud.

I am forced to fly them to Shannon today- I have no choice. Once I return I will, of course never fly Ryanair again, and I will reserve all my legal rights against them in this disgusting display of customer robbery.


Andy said…
Ryanair is a crap airline. If you want to go cheap, use Easyjet. They're nothing special, but my experiences have been that they're a whole lot less scummy than Ryanair. NB. I have not been paid to say so.
Blackacre said…
The sooner everyone realises that Ryanair are rubbish and stops flying with them, the sooner they will go out of business - roll on that day.
Cicero;s that is a big scam,they could set the computer to ask for your id number when you booked your flight,big scam and it hurts.Even bigger scam,my daughter was scammed by Ryanair last year,cabin crew training course recruitment scam,pay course fee 2000 euro + get job with agent to work on there aircraft,get terminated for little to no reason so that they keep course levels high..big big scam.
Anonymous said…
Absolute shambles. Arrived at gerona airport 3 hours prior to take off. Huge queues at check in desk, no organisation as all the flights are mixed together at 6 different desks and moving very slowly. Some desks were closing half way into the queue so people were having to join the end of the others.
After queuing for 2hours 45mins heard the calling for last boarding (we presumed the flight must've been delayed with the number of people still left to check in) so approached, with great difficulty, an unhelpful and very rude staff member who told us that the flight had gone without us.
Had to purchase 2 new tickets with extortionate charges for a missed flight (200 euros) for an airport 60 miles away from the original arrival one meaning we had no pick up. Had to wait another 5 hours for the new flight with no money and a tired baby with no food/drink. Staff very ignorant and very unhelpful. Absolute disgrace.
Met many other people at the airport that day in the same situation, how many times can ryanair get away with this money making!!
Anonymous said…
it's YOUR problem, not ryanair's 67M pax p.a.
Anonymous said…
Ryanair is terrible! Check out its feature as the Worst Airlines in the World:

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