Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mr. Putin's words... and deeds

27th April 2006

"Mr. Putin assured Chancellor Merkel that "Russia will always be a reliable energy supplier". Mr. Putin was speaking as he launced a campaign to be allowed to control all the downstream gas networks in Western Europe.

7th January 2009

Slovakia declares a state of emergency as no gas at all has come through the pipe from Russia.

All of South East Europe reports complete shut-down- no gas at all being shipped. Poland reports 85% fall in supply, Italy, Austria over 90% and Germany "Significant disruption".

Happy Orthodox Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Russia is a reliable supplier. Ukraine is an unreliable transitor. You know that a blockade is an act of war?

Cicero said...

All of the flow control systems are on the Russian side of the border.

Who is blockading whom?

AA said...

The second link goes to the same place as the first one.

Newmania said...

Best argument for green taxes I have heard.

Anonymous said...
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