Monday, October 27, 2008

Osborne: Goodnight and thank you

George Osborne "has done nothing wrong"- or so the leadership of the Conservatives is trying to tell us. How then, to explain the news that Mr. Osborne will no longer be taking an active role in fund raising for the Conservative party.

If he is not a fit an proper person to be concerned in the finances of his own party, how then, can he continue to pretend that he would be a credible Chancellor of the Exchequer?

I mean, it is not as if Mr. Osborne's entire brief is to look at finance and regulate financial probity or anything.

The man is holed well below the waterline- David Cameron might have left him with a bottle of whisky and a pistol, but he seems to be too caddish to take the hint.

It would now just be a kindness to put him out of our misery and remove him- Osborne is simply a laughing stock.


Newmania said...

Hmmm oddly , I find it somewhat more perplexing that that the twice rumbled crook Mandy met the Aluminium warlord on many occasions prior to assisting his company to a tarrif exemption for his Aluminium exports .Then again , Brown`s insulting claim that the arrogant profligacy of the past ten years was in fact a pre-emptive Keynsian kick start might merit some small attention…. what with the country sinking in debt and all that . Of course had the Lib Dems been allowed up front with the grown ups it would have been far worse judging for their ;persistent calls for more spending . Perhaps the sudden discovery by New Labour that immigration is out of control and welfare a holed watering can might get a look ? Oh dear same problem ….

Yes on reflection I can see why you stick to the weighty matter of the money Osborne never got .I am disturbed by your persistent lack of seriousness Cicero S. Disturbed and disappointed

Cicero said...

Well, Newmania, leaving aside your silly gibe and rather pompous closing paragraph, I obviously agree- Mandy, to my mind, is an out and out crook; while brown is indeed largely responsible for the depth of our current problems. However you are dead wrong if you think osborne doesn't matter- and I have pointed out that the story is only the tip of the iceberg.

Newmania said...

"disturbed by your persistent lack of seriousness Cicero S. Disturbed and disappointed..."

.If you knew me at all ,you would also know that such a sentence could not be possibly be intended seriously. My fault , I am bitterly bitterly ashamed of my behaviour ... :)

Anonymous said...
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