Sunday, August 31, 2008

The GOP and the Big Easy faces the worst

As it Hurricane Gustav bears down on New Orleans, it seems that the Big Easy is going to be struck by a very big storm again.

Hurricane Katrina left the city in tatters, and three years later much of it remains beyond repair. The hurricane was in many ways the final straw for America's patience with the Bush administration. The President was praising Michael Brown, the responsible official in the FEMA, despite the fact that it was obvious that he was totally out of his depth. That Mr. Brown had no qualifications appropriate for his office saving his friendship with Mr. Bush brought home the level of patronage and cronyism in the administration of the hapless 43rd President.

Now Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the New Orleans just as the Republicans gather to nominate John McCain and his surprise running mate, Sarah Palin, at their convention in Minneapolis.

Governor Palin seems to have been chosen to trump the supposed lack of experience of Sen. Obama- however the blatant tokenism of her choice is truly cavalier. This is a person who does not have the qualifications to run anything outside of politics, and whose education and experience could hardly be more limited. Yet the American people are being asked to put her a heartbeat from the Presidency while also choosing the oldest first term candidate in history.

Mrs. Palin is said to be a creationist- certainly she advocates the teaching of creationism on an equal footing with Science. As a poster on noted, one with so literal a view of the Bible will clearly understand that by sending Hurricane Gustav to remind Americans of the lowest hour in the Bush administration, the Almighty seems to be sending a clear message to the Republican Party:

"Thou hast stood against my commandments for justice, therefore may I wax wrath and now smiteth thee!"


mmm said...

Oh Cicero, that attack is beneath you. Please do some research first before attacking Ms Palin. You are totally missing the point.

But to be clear, the person who picked the VP candidate is named Gustav. With his arrival at this point, the true person the conservative wing of the GOP pushed McCain to pick was otherwise pre-occupied by this unwelcomed visitor.

And his name? Governor Bobby Jindal, the person Rush Limbaugh called "the new Ronald Reagan". Plus, it would be a good counter to Joe Biden's racially-dodgy attacks on "Indians and convenience stores" that got him into so much hot water years ago...

Sarah is just the 2nd pick. Give her a break, she's better than people think -- for those of us who have had her on our political radars before this past week.

Anonymous said...
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