Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog war

Since Russia has launched cyberattacks against Georgia in parallel with their continuing military assault, I feel obliged to highlight sites that the Georgians have been able to use to get information about what is happening in the Russian invasion.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry site:

Also the President of Poland has established a site on his own Home page in order to get further information out:

Most .GG websites are at best only intermittently accessable as a result of the Russian cyberattacks.

Russian government actions over the past 96 hours- picking a fight with their small neighbour and then responding is overwhelming and totally disproportionate force have been a massive wake-up call and warning for all of us.

I, and others like Edward Lucas, have warned for some time about the nature of the Putin regime- their can be no doubt about their intentions, determination and recklessness with human life.

The West faces a simple choice: determined resistance to the tyrannical regime of the siloviki now, or open warfare when that regime finally pushes its luck too far.

It is a tragedy that the Georgian people have had to pay the price for Western blindness and willingness to placate the Kremlin.

Despite the tragic blunder of Iraq, despite the greed and folly that have led to the credit crunch, I do not think that it is too late to rally those who believe in the open society. It is time to do so.

Za Wasze Wolnosci i Nasze!

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Anonymous said...


Sak is dominating all the 24 hour news channels so they seem to have no problem getting their version out. The Russians seem all but invisible by contrast. Beyond sympathy I can't see what you suggest would work. Your idea of voiding Russian US Treasury bonds is lunacy for this reason. In the first case ignoring Russian reatliation everyone else with a possible beef with the US in the future say China over Taiwan, Arab states etc will then probably promptly junk them wrecking the market. Second you may think it will only be used in extremis but once the precednt is there it maybe used in many ways and for many reasons globally by many nations. In short financial anarchy. Don't you see this.