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The Tories are the Enemy of the UK

I see the corpulent Simon Heffer has outdone himself in ranting this morning.

He essentially demands that the Union that links England and Scotland should be dissolved because England and Scotland are different nations and that the Scots have too much power over England even though the whinging Jocks are just a bunch of subsidy junkies (I paraphrase lightly).

I have warned about the Conservatives' attitude to the Union in the past, and it is now quite clear what the agenda of much of the right wing press has become: to "big up" Alex Salmond and drive Scotland out of the United Kingdom.

I think that it will fail.

I think those who play fast and loose with the Union should be treated with utter contempt.

(and incidentally at $100 bbl oil prices, the idea that Scotland is dependent on the Union is simply barking)


Anonymous said…

You are guilty of the sort of grossly misleading headline you moan of in tabloids. You know full well the loathsome Heffer is a declared UKIPER a man who has denounced DC for his modernisation in the most visceral way personally and politically to use him to besmirch all Conservatives is poor stuff I'm sorry

Cicero said…
B**llshit Lepidus!

You only haave to read the comments after the online piece to see that Heffer is no isolated UKIP voice: I hear precisely the same sentiments out of many a Tory.

This country is not safe if any of those voices get taken seriously at the highest levels. Salmond is deliberatly provoking a reaction, and the Conservatives are falling for it hook, line and sinker.
Anonymous said…
Why lose your temper?! Does swearing make your point any better for you. As for those making the comments they would I humbly suggest be of the sort of unrepresentative sample that you would I submit expect on the Torygraph website. You are now shifting from the original thrust of this article in which you clearly tried to blur Heffer with the Conservative Party. As for Oil perhaps some History. High now certainly, less than a decade ago $10 a barrel, I imagine the prism looked different then. There is certainly strain in the Union just as John Major warned sadly. Something has to be done. Personally I favour the Economist/Old Ulster Unionist solution of Scotland's MPs being cut further to reflect devolution but keeping their curent status.

BTW On the previous thread youhave not replied/noticed my point on the Economist and Georgia. Since every Russian misdemeanour seems worthy of comment perhaps we can hear your thoughts on why Georgian police saw fit to beat up Georgia's Human rights ombudsman, and why an a TV station remains closed. Personally I do not think as DC said we can drop a fully formed Democracy out of an aircraft at 40,000 feet so we shouldn't expect too much from Georgia. You though clearly have higher standards

Anonymous said…
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Madasafish said…
I used to read heffer. I know longer do.
He is younger than me.. but come sover to me as a spolied, petulant and vindictive man who has never run anything in his life and is jealous of those who do.

Some of his writings assume that the world is based on Planet Zog cos it sure is not based on the real world or Planet Earth.

Apart from the above, the repetition of the same unlovley message reminds me why the Conservatives were unwanted and unloved. Now compared to him they are saintly and loveable.

Never mind, he deserves UKIP as much as they deserve him:-)
Madasafish said…
I know longer do.. I No longer do..

Sorry for spelling!

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