Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Continuing qualms about Clegg

I don't have much to say about the Politics Show battle, but the "outrage" amongst the Lib Dem bloggers for Clegg feels a bit manufactured to me, and I am not sure that Nick was well advised to formally complain.

I did think that Huhne coped well with the obvious ambush though.

I have still not decided on this one, but I do not see that Nick Clegg is the great communicator that is backers have suggested. I do see that Chris Huhne has put forward some interesting and challenging ideas.

I like the idea of a leader with real life experience, (unlike Cameron or Brown), but also see that Nick Clegg does have considerable talent.

Mind you, I think one man who has come out from all of this looking like a complete star is Vince Cable- I am tempted to start a write in campaign to get him to stay on as leader!

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Bullseye said...

I hope you'll read James Graham's blog on his interview with Nick. I think it shows Nick has some very interesting & thought through ideas.

I agree though, I think the emphasis on communications skills was a mistake & over egged. Both Chris & Nick are strong communicators, though very different styles that work in different formats.

Where I think Nick is stronger on communications is understanding that the party has to talk to groups of people that it frankly ignores at the moment, such as the aspirational black churchgoers or white working class on council estates.