Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Revealing State Secrets

Lech Walesa may be in many ways a flawed man- certainly his strangled syntax in Polish contributed to his demise as President- however he has never lacked courage.

He climbed the fence of the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk in 1980 and led the strike that brought free trade unions to Communist Poland and ultimately created the conditions for freedom across Central Europe.

Walesa was arrested during the crackdown that led to martial law in 1981 and spent a year in gaol. He was and is a genuine hero for a lot of people across the world.

Yet the current regime has criticised Walesa for permitting some members of the former regime's security services to keep their jobs- no wonder he called his successor "a blockhead".

The twins have not taken kindly to this- under a law they themselves passed not long ago, "defaming" the President of the Republic carries a five year prison sentence. I don't think that these idiots would actually put Walesa on trial. If they did, they would make a hero of him a second time.

Perhaps though the trial is not about defamation- calling President Kaczynski an idiot might well be classified as "revealing state secrets", were it not for the fact that everyone knows it already.


mmm said...

Consul, bylo "wraca do Europy"...zawsze mamy "wraca z Europy..." Kaczynscy sa *****!!!!

eva @ NYC said...

What have we learned from history of our own nation... certainly not to debate with class. Is indeed Polish democracy "too young?" Wasn't our Constitution a model for other nations? And now, 300 years later, an elected clown follows an elected communist as the coutnry leader. Sad, sad times....