Friday, February 16, 2007

"And Conservatism"

Oh dear.

David Cameron on the radio this morning:

We believe in freedom AND compelling fathers to stay with families.

Freedom And Compulsion?

That has got to be pretty dangerous, given the number of men who are violent and abusive. Not to mention the not insignificant number of mothers and kids who don't know who the father is...

Muddle headed thinking like this does not bode well.


Anthony said...

Do people really stay together because of tax breaks anyway? And if they do, that's not a good reason. Children who grow up in unhappy marriages aren't any better off than those with parents who live apart. And speaking from experience, many who grow up in the latter situation are actually a lot better off.

Cicero said...

Yes- that is really my point- and using the word compulsion in that context is a mistake too.

Linda said...

Absolutely! Of course the ideal context for young people to grow up in is one with two loving parents, both good role models. But, this is not always the case and we must recognise that this is not either possible or desirable for many children with abusive fathers. Lets get real, so agree with Anthony, have seen the evidence in my own family. Maybe we have to put a higher premium on teaching about relationships and parenting at school.