Friday, February 02, 2007

Off target

OK- lets not get too worked up- so the British Police are sniffing around the cash for honours allegations.

So The British Prime Minister has been questioned twice.

So several close associates and members of his staff have been arrested, and subsequently released without charge.

So the circumstantial evidence points quite strongly to honours having been offered in exchange for cash support of various New Labour causes.

So too circumstances seem to show that several people have given contradictory accounts to the Police, to the point that the arrests have been more on conspiracy to pervert the cause of justice- i.e. a cover-up- rather than the original allegations themselves.

A little ironic no?

This is the government that made the most disastrous foreign policy decision in 50 years and is now caught in the Iraq imbroglio to the cost of thousands of dead and injured and billions of dollars and no idea what to do next.

This is the government that wasted two pounds for every three it allocated to the NHS.

This is the government that robbed millions of pensions savings in order to fund its current expenditure.

This is the government that has saddled future generations with open-ended PFI commitments.

This is the government that robbed Railtrack shareholders in a botched nationalisation and then undermined the entire railways investment cycle through simple incompetence in handling the franchise auctions.

This is the government that prefers CCTVs to Police; grandstanding rather than a genuine set of workable policies to tackle crime. Wasting billions on ID cards and grandiose and pointless IT projects to making cost effective decisions.

This is the government that has prefers the banal outpourings of their chosen focus groups to any kind of principle.

And at the end of it all... the final whimper is that Labour MPs having voted for all of the above now get exercised by a few questions from a politically astute investigating officer.

The charge sheet is long indeed, but Yates of the Yard, in the fairly unlikely event that he presses charges will not be reading the really scandalous charges.

"This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang, but a whimper."

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