Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More things in Heaven and Earth

The implications of Quanta have always intrigued me: the idea of an infinitely repeating number of observable Universes creates a fantastically baroque cosmology.

I see Marcus Chown shows up the effects of an infinite quantum Universe in a piece for the Telegraph.

Not only is Elvis alive, but in an infinite number of Observable Universes you, dear reader, are the Prime Minister, in an infinite number of different of Observable Universes you have green hair, in an infinite number more you are Stalin, or Mother Teresa or an international playboy and jet setter.

Don't get too excited though- Cicero is all of these things in another reality too.


Will said...

While I like the idea, the sheer amount energy that would required for the creation of all these different universes makes them, sadly, rather unlikely to exist.

AverageEarthman said...

So where's the energy come from in the first place, and why does it *have* to be finite?

vaba cymrulane said...

So there is an alternate earth out there with Owain Glyndwr conquering London (with England wanting out of Union with Wales) and a Suur Eesti that has Russia on its knees? And I have 4 heads? Thank you Cicero for making my day!

Cicero said...

Yes indeed Vaba cymrulane, and an infinite number of Universes where the only language spoken is Gymraeg, or Eesti keel or Aranda.

Also an infinite number of Universes where today is the 16th of Giraffe.

Anonymous said...

You mean Cymraeg Consul.